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December 16, 2017

Light roast coffee is definitely the new thing. Anyone who has ever tried one might have realized an explosion of fruity notes in your mouth, or maybe a crazy, crisp acidity. So where exactly are these flavors coming from?

Let’s start with the facts. The beans that we r...

November 9, 2017

During our search for coffee farms to represent in Costa Rica, Anna and I made a trip to West Valley which is one of the coffee growing regions in Costa Rica. We had set up an appointment to meet with a farmer who’s coffee we were interested in after having the chance...

October 22, 2017

When people talk about speciality coffee, they talk about third wave coffee, about direct trade, about fair trade or organic coffee. It is pretty easy to get lost in the range of coffees that are offered and called special, so I will try to make it as simple as possibl...