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Don Eli Micro Mill is a small farm in the heart of Tarrazu, Costa Rica, owned by Carlos Montero and his family. For three generations, the Don Eli coffee farm has been producing outstanding coffees of many varieties including this coffee, Catuai. Grown at 1900 meters above sea level, this coffee has a high density which allows complex notes and flavors to develop in the cup. Harvested at the end of the picking season, this coffee was allowed to ripen to the fullest, giving it a sweet finish. The Repasado process, which translates to Rested, is a fairly new processing method brought on by Jacob Monetro, Carlos's son. They start by soaking the cherries brought down from the mountain in a large bath for 48 hours, in turn allowing the sugars to develop inside the cherries. Then put through the processing mill to take all of the fruit and mucilige off of the bean. After this they are dried on raised african drying beds to allow an even dry through all the beans. 

Don Eli Repasado

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